Rondo 6-inch Downlight

Rondo 6-inch Downlight

LED Downlight with Open Trim

  • Type
    • new construction, enclosed box*, remodeler
  • Housing & Trim
    • aluminum, Alzak anodize and paint finish options
  • Optic
    • open trim with variety of optics available; field changeable
  • Beams
    • general distribution, spot recessed optic, medium recessed optic, wide recessed optic
  • Heat Sink
    • extruded anodized aluminum for higher outputs or electrocoated aluminum bracket for lower outputs

Specification grade downlight with aluminum alloy primary reflector available in wide range of finishes. Open trim with variety of field changeable beam distributions and impressive high output options available up to 6000 lm for tall ceilings. Inherently protected luminaire with IC and non-IC options available. Thermal protection in case of improper insulation use. Extruded aluminum anodized heat sink or electrocoated aluminum bracket only for lower outputs. Positive retention springs allow for easy installation and prevent sagging.
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